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Physical Disability

A student in a wheelchair listening to music

Physical handicap or disability refers to disability caused by a number of permanent, temporary or intermittent conditions such as diseases of the central or peripheral neurological systems, cerebral palsy, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis (MS), or traumas and diseases of the musculoskeletal systems. Physical activity and mobility may be impaired as a result of all these conditions.

Students with physical disabilities may present the following concerns:

  • Difficulties in lectures including decreased flexibility and efficiency in study due to poor physical health such as fatigue and low energy, chronic pain, as well as poor physical coordination
  • Impairment in note-taking, manipulating equipment and making use of machine
  • Limitation in participating in activities that require physical movement and exercises


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Physical Disability Leaflet (click the below to enlarge)

Physical Disability Leaflet

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Faculty and staff members are encouraged to make referrals to formalize the helping process, and facilitate documentation and liaising with the source of referral. SEN Support will outreach the student concerned.