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Wellness and Advising

Medical care

Medical Care

The University provides general medical and dental services to students. Full-time students can use the Medical Clinic and the Student Dental Clinic upon presenting their student ID cards. Students who need advice on personal health care and other medical matters are encouraged to visit the Medical Clinic and/or the Student Dental Clinic in person or contact by phone during their opening hours. 

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A student meeting with one of our student conuselors.

Counseling and Wellness

The Counseling and Wellness Center strives to assist students who are facing challenges and difficulties in life. By providing personal counseling service and organizing developmental group programs, we foster students' self-understanding, personal growth and all-rounded development in emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual aspects of life. Students are welcome to meet with a Student Counselor to discuss his or her personal concerns, which will be handled in strict confidence. 

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A student picking up a leaflet on mental wellness in the Counseling and Wellness Center

Career Guidance

The Career Center at HKUST is dedicated to helping students to explore career paths and internship opportunities, assisting students with job search preparation and strategies, and providing them with up-to-date employment information. 

Click for more details about Career Center. (30-minute individual appointment: Main Page > Meet Advisors > Consultation Appointment Chart)


Graduates are welcome to subscribe to receive information on career-related resources available in Hong Kong on this page, which is administered and maintained by the SEN Support.

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Student Advising

Each School has its own academic advising scheme. Academic advising scheme is supporting the students to maneuver their study and explore their career interests. In general, a new student will work with a dedicated advisor to help them plan for the study and choose a major according to student's interests and career goal. A faculty advisor will continue providing in-depth and personal assistance once the students have decided their majors. 

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School of Science 
School of Engineering 
School of Business and Management
School of Humanities and Social Science


Student Sharing

Chow, Yi Lok (Jane)

Bachelor of Business Administration