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Supporting Student with SEN

Emergency Evacuation for students with SEN

In an educational environment, making sure students' safety during a building emergency, including evacuation considering the special needs of individuals with disabilities, is essential and important. With the support and valuable input from the Hong Kong PHAB Association, this set of training materials is developed, aiming at helping students with disabilities, departmental safety officers of the University, administrators and everyone in the campus community look at some of the important areas related to the ability of a student with SEN to safely evacuate a building on campus at an emergency.


It is worth mentioning that accessibility is considered in the production of the training materials. Special thanks to the efforts made by SLCO Community Resources to develop the bilingual captioning and Hong Kong Sign Language interpretation to make our training materials more inclusive and reachable to non-Cantonese speaking audience.


Please spare some time, at your own pace, to view training videos by topics. For more details on the Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) for eligible students with SEN, and the Evacuation Information for Assisting Students with Disabilities, please visit this page.

Training video by topics
(Cantonese narrative, English and Chinese subtitles, Hong Kong Sign Language interpretation)

banner for video: tips on assisting students with special needs



Tips on Assisting Students with Special Needs

This video includes general helping tips and specific strategies when assisting students with special needs in an emergent situation. (duration: 8:12)

  • Introduction and general tips
  • Offering help to people with mobility challenges
  • Helping people with visual impairment
  • Communicating with people with hearing loss

banner for video: visual, hearing and physical disabilities



Visual, Hearing, and Physical Disabilities

This video aims to equip you with some knowledge about different types of disabilities. (duration: 6:32)

  • Hong Kong Rehabilitation Program Plan
  • About physical impairment, visual impairment and hearing loss


banner for video: Evacuation Measures and Recommendations



Evacuation Measures and Recommendations

We are the one who knows our needs the best. This video highlights what students with special needs have to know for emergency evacuation. (duration: 6:12)

  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)
  • Communicating with staff on campus
  • Tips for wheelchair users, students with limited mobility, hearing loss and visual impairment


banner for video: Assisting Students with Special Needs



Demo: Assisting Students with Special Needs

Techniques to assist with students with visual impairment or in wheelchairs in an emergent situation. (duration: 6:13)

  • Demo: visual impairment & sighted guide techniques
  • Demo: wheelchair users


banner for video: Evacuation on Campus



Demo: Evacuations on Campus

Demonstrations at HKUST to elaborate techniques of assisting students with special needs at emergency. (duration: 14:36)

  • Laboratory Areas, Academic Concourse, Classrooms
  • Sports Hall, Student Amenities, CYT Building
  • Global Graduate Tower, Student Halls
  • Considerations to alternative routes
  • Special reminders to wheelchair users