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This Quiz makes SENs!

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Learn how reasonable accommodations can empower students with special educational needs to enjoy equal university experience like their peers. Click here to take this quiz!  It consists of some readings and eleven multiple-choice questions.


You don't need to ask for accommodations for extra time because you can take the quiz as long as you need it!


About reasonable accommodations

Reasonable accommodations in universities are adjustments or modifications to tasks, environment or to the way things are usually done for enabling an equal opportunity for students with special educational needs to participate in academic pursuit. Accommodations are to provide a level playing field, instead of an unfair advantage, to eliminate or reduce disability-related barriers. Therefore, providing academic accommodations do not weaken the academic standards or integrity, nor do they compromise the essential elements of a curriculum or course.


Answers (your scoring will be shown after you finish the quiz.)

Q1)  B

Q2) D

Q3) D

Q4) C

Q5) D

Q6) C

Q7) A

Q8) D

Q9) B

Q10) B

Q11) C