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Supporting Student with SEN

Working Group

5 students discussing in Learning Common

5.1 Terms of Reference

  • To oversee the UGC-funded Project on the Support for Students with SEN.
  • To promote awareness of equal opportunities with respect to SEN to members of the University.
  • To assess and review the current support for students with and the resources required.
  • To identify existing University policies that related to students with SEN and make recommendations for change where considered appropriate.
  • To plan programs and activities to enhance support to and integration of students with SEN.


5.2 Composition

Convener: Dean of Students or his/her delegate


Members:  Associate Provost (Teaching and Learning) or his/her representative
                         Associate Deans or their representatives:
                              - School of Science
                              - School of Engineering
                              - School of Business and Management
                              - School of Humanities and Social Science
                              - Interdisciplinary Programs Office
                        Academic Registrar or his/her representative

                        Director of Campus Services or his/her representative

                        Director of Campus Management or his/her representative

                        Director of Information of Technology Services Center or his/her representative

                        Director of Postgraduate Studies Administration or his/her representative

                        Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admission Office or his/her representative
                        University Librarian or his/her representative

                        Head (Counseling and Wellness), Dean of Students' Office