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口述影像小百科 AD in Brief



「口述影像」 是一種專業的口語描述技巧,把影像訊息轉換成簡潔生動的語言,立體地描述出來,以協助視障人士克服視覺障礙。視障口述影像服務應用到日常生活例子有:


  • 在電影中對白與對白之間,有條理地描述布景、角色神態等視障觀眾無法接收的影像訊息
  • 在視覺展覽內,為視障人士提供預先錄音的語音導賞機,介紹展覽品的形狀、顏色及展板上的文字資料
  • 在現場演出時,為視障參與者提供即時傳譯儀器,讓他們可以帶著耳筒聆聽舞台上的各種光影效果、演員動作等
  • 在旅遊觀光的導賞內容中,對四周環境加以詳盡的口語描述,令視障遊客更能掌握參觀景點的特色








而你現在亦可於大學圖書館欣賞設有口述影像的 DustyKid - “Be a Star”畫作。 口述影像(配有粵語和英語)將詳細講述畫作的內容、顏色和構圖。 我們希望藉此能為學生提供更具包容性的學習環境。歡迎你隨時前來觀賞畫作。







Can you imagine how people with visual impairment (VIPs) can enjoy movies and art exhibitions?


Audio Description (AD) is a professional descriptive technique to translate visual information into descriptive narratives, that breaks the barriers of VIPs. Examples include:

  • providing concise narratives between the natural pauses of a movie to describe visual information like change of scene and facial expression on the screen to VIP audience
  • uploading pre-recorded AD to audio guide players to help VIP visitors understand the color, shapes and displayed board contents in a visual exhibition
  • providing live AD of lighting and gestures at performances where VIP audience can listen to a radio-like device during the show
  • including vivid and detailed descriptions of tourist spots and the surrounding to tour the VIP visitors

Developing AD involve multiple professional training in image translation, media language and reading expressions. An audio describer also needs to fully understand how VIPs receive and process information in order to translate images into verbal description for visually impaired people to assist their comprehension. AD can reconnect VIPs to the community, enhance their experience to a more wholesome level that reinforces their social experience and widens their horizons in life.


The movement of audio description in Hong Kong starts from the "Audio Descriptions in Hong Kong Films Practicum Project" initiated by the Hong Kong Society for the Blind in 2011, as well as the establishment of the first-ever "Arts Accessibility Service Center" by Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong and funded by HKJC. After that, the Audio Description Association of Hong Kong initiated to expand the audio description services and training to more platforms in the community. With an increasing participation in the sectors of arts, film, television and culture, AD is widely engaging VIPs to access movies, TV programs, museum activities, art exhibitions and stargaze events, etc.


The collection of DustyKid - “Be a Star” paintings, accompanied by an Audio Description, is now available at the HKUST Library. The Audio Description (in both Cantonese and English) provides a detailed narration of the painting's content, colors, and composition. We hope that this new addition will enhance the accessibility of the Library and provide a more inclusive learning environment for all students. Please feel free to come and experience the DustyKid paintings with Audio Description at your convenience.


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