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Support Students with SEN Mobile
Supporting Student with SEN

Assistive Technology

A wide range of adaptive, assistive or rehabilitative tools and applications are available for students with SEN.  The provision aims to help eligible students participate fully in university life. Contact us to find out how you can borrow the equipment and tools for trial and to help you work or study.

assistive aids for learning

Academic and Learning


Tools and applications to ensure equal access to learning. These resources can be helpful to support students especially those with physical and sensory impairments, language processing issues and attention challenges.

  • Tablets on iOS and Android platforms, with keyboard and  stylus pen, preloaded accessibility settings and applications featured for students  with SEN
  • Wireless presentation remotes with customized spotlight or magnifier on screen
  • Neo Smartpens and digital notebooks for digital notetaking and transferring /editing written contents to smart devices
  • MathTalk Bundles speech recognition software at university-level maths including Algebra, Algebra, Trig, Calculus, Statistics, Graphing; especially suitable for students with physical impairment or Dyscalculia
  • Handheld video magnifiers and stands for students with low vision
  • Roger microphones, a portable microphone and accessories for students with hearing loss in various listening situations including classes and group discussions
  • Sonocent audio note-taking app for windows and iOS platforms
  • Scanmarker Air, multilingual and handheld OCR scanning pens to transfer, edit or read aloud printed texts on smart devices or computer applications
  • Talking calculators for mathematics, scientific and graphing; ideal solutions for students with visual impairment or eye-hand coordination challenges 
  • Bouncyband, a foot stepper for students to  enjoy the  bouncing of feet, feeling the tension to release excess energy, anxiety and increase concentration 
  • Visual Timer, a clear measurement for students to finite time and efforts, allowing them to reflect and plan their schedule more accurately and efficiently

Reading and Writing

Software and applications on different platforms to help students facing challenges to read, write and/or organize thoughts, especially for students with specific learning difficulties, visual impairment, speech/language impairment and weak organization.

  • ClaroRead Pro Windows text-to-speech software for screenreader, OCR read aloud and spellcheck
  • Dragon voice-to-text software to type and dictate directly to word processing applications by voice
  • Fusion (ZoomText + JAWS) screen magnifier and text-to-speech software to make screen contents accessible to users with visual impairment
  • Ghotit writing and reading assistive technologies for dyslexia and dysgraphia
  • Mindmapping apps to visualize and organize ideas and plans for assignments, essays, presentation and writing

Special Exam Arrangement

  • Height-adjustable desks for wheelchair users
  • Laptops on iOS and Windows platforms for students who are eligible to use computers for exams
  • Dim-to-warm adjustable lamps with portable power banks for alternate exam venues

Campus Life

  • Crutches (on-loan service provided by Campus Clinic; deposit is required)
  • Foldable transit wheelchair (on-loan service provided by Campus Clinic; deposit is required)
  • Portable ramps for Welcab users (for 3-5cm and 15cm less curbs)
  • SigNET PL1 Portable Induction Loop at Library circulation counter, Center for the Language Education and Security Center

Residential Life

  • Beasy transfer board for the caregiver of a wheelchair user living on campus
  • Bellman Visit Pushbutton Transmitter, Flash Receiver and/or Alarm Clock for student residents
  • Dim-to-warm adjustable lamps with portable power banks for student residents
Do you know

The Library endeavors to assist users with special needs to locate information, retrieve materials, access services and use library facilities. Prior registration for these services is required.