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Supporting Student with SEN

General SEN Information

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SEN Support of Counseling and Wellness Center coordinates with various offices to render assistance in course materials, examinations arrangement, accommodation and other necessary support.

Education Bureau 教育局

Materials for parent and public education on SEN.



Fitness Programmes for Persons with Disabilities 殘疾人士健體計劃(普及健體操)

A guide to exercise for people with disabilities.



Caring Company Scheme 商界展關懷

Reference on “Catering Barrier-free Culture”.


Hong Kong PHAB Association 香港傷健協會
The Association aims to mobilize the idea of “Physical Handicapped and Able-Bodied” and introduce the concept of “Opportunity not pity”. The PHAB Database (in Chinese only) provides various resources on PHAB and tips on working with disabled people. 



Assistive Learning and Technology Association 扶學科技協進會

The Association aims to promote the use and deepen the knowledge of assistive and learning technologies. The website provides recent trend of and interesting news about the assistive and learning technologies around the World.  



Rehab Guide  康復家庭指南

The Rehab Guide contains useful information for family and care-takers to understand and support disabled people and students with special educational needs.



Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong   香港展能藝術會

The Association popularizes the arts among people with disabilities and works with the general public to promote integration and inclusion in society through the arts. There are resources about various art event opportunities to understand disabled people and arts.



ADAM 藝全人

ADAM is a social enterprise set up by ADAHK to create job opportunities and increase income for artists with disabilities in Hong Kong. 


Web-based course on the working capacity of people with disabilities 「認識殘疾人士工作能力」網上課程

The online programme targets to enhance the understanding of the public on the working capacity of people with disabilities, as well as clarify some of their misconceptions about different kinds of disabilities.


Heep Hong Society  協康會

The Organization is committed to providing services and support to children with developmental and learning problems and their family. The website (Chinese version only) contains comprehensive information and professional tips about various developmental disorders, as well as case sharing. 

Supportive Learning Project is launched to help children with special needs in mainstream schools overcome their learning difficulties. The website provides answers to frequently asked general questions about SEN.

Project G.R.O.W. - Coaching and Support for Youth with SEN 「飛躍.里晴」成長指導及就業支援計劃  is a 2-year growth guidance and career planning program to support the youth with SEN.



Jockey Club PolyU Human Libraries Hub 賽馬會理大真人圖書網絡

The Jockey Club PolyU Human Libraries Hub aims to support the education sector and the public to deeper understand various kinds of real life stories, and to promote social connectedness and inclusiveness.