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Office 365 Accessibility Tools for Inclusive Learning

Digital learning is a trend. Many of us are using Office 365 for study and work. Are you aware that PowerPoint allows you to display auto-generated subtitles when you present? Tools in OneNote read text out loud and break it into syllables to enhance reading efficiency? How about typing with your voice and real-time translation in Word and Outlook?


In this webinar, Microsoft Philanthropies HK will share with us their mission to build a #FutureReady community and support everyone in an inclusive learning environment. Let’s discover the accessibility functionality exists in the tools we already use in Office 365, which is designed in a way to equip everyone the ability to achieve more!


Video Part 1:

Topic: Microsoft Inclusive Culture and the concept of #FutureReady

Speaker: Miss Pearl Siu, Corporate Affairs Assistant,  Microsoft HK

Watch this Webinar Part 1 on Microsoft Stream


Video Part 2:

Topic: Allyship for inclusive learning and Demo of Accessibility Tools in Office 365

Speaker: Miss Christy Ting, Corporate Affairs Assistant,  Microsoft HK

Watch this Webinar Part 2 on Microsoft Stream


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