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What is a loop system?

Loop system, sometimes referred to the induction loop, is an assistive hearing technology for eliminating unwanted background noise and helping people with reduced ranges of hearing to listen to the target sound source clearly.


Portable induction loops are suitable for meeting rooms and counters for one-on-one conversations and inquiry. To use, the unit is placed on the counter or a desk, and the counter staff sits behind the unit and speaks. When the microphone in the device picks up the speech, the LED flashes in green to indicate the unit is in function. The user sets the hearing aid on "T" (Telecoil) for receiving the magnetic, wireless signal from the unit, and stands / sits in front of the unit to hear the speech directly through their own hearing aid.



Please click here to know more about the Induction Loop System and how it improves hearing and communication for people with a hearing impairment.

Source: CIE-Group Ltd.