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Uni-Minds (Theatre in Education)


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The use of theatre in education can be a powerful, effective and interactive way to promote the importance of an inclusive campus and increase awareness of special educational needs (SEN). This is achieved through the professional performances of artists and the audience's active participation, resulting in a thought-provoking experience.

The SEN Support team of HKUST organized a Theatre in Education named “Uni-Minds”, produced by the #AddOilWorkshop, aimed to raise awareness about university students' challenges with diverse learning needs and promote inclusivity on campus. The highlight of Uni-Minds was a participatory applied theatre production that used real stories and voices collected from local university students.

Attendees were impressed by the production and praised its ability to shift perceptions towards diverse learners and enjoyed the tension, realism, artistic expression, and heightened sense of empathy it provided.

By incorporating the arts into educational programs, we engaged and inspired our audiences, allowing them to learn and appreciate the uniqueness of each other. We hope to foster a more inclusive and empathetic community for all.


Audience Review 觀眾評語

  • “The theatre was impressive and changed the perception towards diverse learners.”
  • "享受戲劇的張力、真實、有意境、提高代入感……"
  • “The theatre provided a valuable learning experience to let us understand easily and have an open-minded attitude towards everyone’s uniqueness and talents.”
  • "透過是次互動劇場,加強代入感、學到及領略到每個人自身都有其獨特性、才能!"


photo of the drama 1      

Special thanks to Mr Wisely Chan @Duo Production for his exceptional photography skills in capturing the event's highlights.