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Hearing Impairment (HI)

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SEN Support of Counseling and Wellness Center coordinates with various offices to render assistance in course materials, examinations arrangement, accommodation and other necessary support.

Hong Kong Association of the Deaf 香港聾人協進會 
In Chinese only: 由聾人管理之非牟利社會服務機構,舉辦多項聾人文化、體育及藝術發活動 


Hong Kong International Deaf Film

The annual festival aims to enhance exchanges among deaf communities around the world.



The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf 香港聾人福利促進會 
The Organization aims to promote the well-being of the hearing impaired and seeks to ensure equalization of opportunities for the hearing impaired persons. The website provides various references on hearing impairment (in Chinese only). 




Hearing Impaired Support Network 聽障青年支援網絡 
In Chinese only: 聽障青年支援網絡由一群來自不同主流學校的聽障青年組成, 共同建立一個不分彼此的平台。 



Hong Kong Association for the Deaf 香港聾人體育總會 
In Chinese only: 為聽覺缺損之人士主辦各種體育及康樂活動,促進其體格上及心智上之發展。



Connect. Embrace. Hong Kong Sign Language「接觸.體驗.香港手語」計劃 
In Chinese only: 傳達有關手語及聾的知識,包含手機應用程式下載及香港手語資訊



CODA Hong Kong 香港聾人子女協會 
In Chinese only: 旨在協助香港的CODA認知自己雙語、雙文化的獨特身份,並向公眾人士和不同持份者 (stakeholders) 推廣手語及聾人文化意識,協力締造聾健共融的社會 



Jockey Club Sign Bilingualism and Co-enrolment in Deaf Education Programme 
A research project on a form of education that potentially benefits both deaf and hearing students linguistically and academically. The website is linked to resources on sign language for babies and an online sign language search engine (in Chinese only).