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Supporting Student with SEN

New initiatives to enhance support to students with SEN

HKUST organizes a series of SEN-related and campus-wide activities, training and programs through the special funding granted by UGC.  Launched since 2016, SEN Support provides a wide range of support services and resources to ensure that all students have equality of opportunity, that they benefit equally from university life, and to cultivate a campus culture of inclusion.  SEN Support has the following objectives:


  • Embracing disability inclusiveness
  • Cultivating a caring and mutually supportive atmosphere in the University
  • Raising awareness of diverse-ability and initiating a cultural change at HKUST
  • Promoting integration and equal opportunities of disability on campus
  • Providing one-stop service to students with SEN and staff/faculty working with these students


If a student is diagnosed or suspects his/her difficulties are related to any type of SEN, he or she is strongly advised to self-identify and provide recent documentation of his or her SEN to SEN Support. Reasonable accommodations or adjustments will be worked out amongst student, instructor(s) and SEN Support.   If SEN Support is not aware of your needs, please contact the team at to arrange a confidential discussion.  All information is handled in the strictest confidence. 

Tips to Students

  • Upon entry into the University, students with special educational needs are strongly advised to declare their conditions to SEN Support to access the available resources.
  • Students are welcome to contact SEN Support anytime during the course of study as soon as they are aware of their special needs.
  • An Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) based on areas of learning, emotion, social, career, residential and accessibility at the University would be worked out when a student provides the required and relevant support documents. In general, testing accommodations would be available 2 weeks after an IEP is in place.
  • Confidential data obtained from a student with is used to enhance the coordination work with different parties for providing personal and support services. The data collected will be handled with strict security and confidentiality and in compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong.
  • Consent to release confidential information would be sought from the student during the declaration process. SEN Support communicates with the authorized individuals and/or offices of the University according to the student’s consent. The student can request to review and amend the consent information any time during the course of study at HKUST. The given consent will expire upon graduation.
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