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Supporting Student with SEN

Visual Impairment (VI)

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On-campus Welcab Service is available for eligible students with temporary and permanent mobility disability to commute between the main campus, LSK campus and/or on-campus student residence.

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Hong Kong Society for the Blind 香港盲人輔導會

The Organization strives for a barrier-free society with equal opportunity for all regardless an individual’s visual condition. Its website contains sharing from blind people about their daily life. 

Net Share 視障人士網絡共享入門網站 (In Chinese only) 含大量視障人士網絡資訊,由香港盲人輔導會訊息無障礙中心製作 

"" 視障人士就業支援網站 (In Chinese only) 香港盲人輔導會職業支援及發展中心為視障人士提供就業支援服務的專門網站



Hong Kong Blind Union 香港失明人協進會

The Union is organized and managed by people with visual impairment, aiming at promoting equality, opportunities and independence for visually impaired persons. The website offers tips on getting along with visually impaired persons and introduction to Braille. 

「網惠人人」社會企業計劃  (In Chinese only) 向公眾推廣無障礙數碼科技,包含無障礙網頁設計技巧及輔助工具資訊



Hong Kong Blind Sports Foundation 香港盲人體育總會

The Foundation targets to promote Equal Participation and Sports for All. The “Life Education” section of the website contains knowledge on blindness and enlightening stories of local blind athletes. 

「視障生活小知識」遊戲 (In Chinese only)



Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association 香港導盲犬協會

The Association organizes guide dog programs including 4 Users 4 Guide Dogs Pilot Project and Puppy Raising Program.



Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Service 香港導盲犬服務中心

The Organization promotes and localizes professional seeing eye dog services in Hong Kong, including pairing training and follow-up services. The website also offer information about background and development of seeing eye dog services.