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Supporting Student with SEN

Physical Disability

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The Funding Scheme for Student Activities on SEN is set up to support student initiatives to organize events and activities for raising the awareness and understanding of SEN amongst the campus community.

Rehabus 復康巴士

Kwoon Chung Inclusive.Love in Motion

Rehabus services for the people with disabilities to travel between workplaces, schools, designated hospitals and public places. 



Hong Kong Federal of Handicapped Youth 香港傷殘青年協會

The Organization is managed by people with disabilities, aiming to advocate for the best interest of the disabled. The website contains various rehab information and resources, including a barrier-free travel guide and games for all.



Diamond cab 鑽的

Syncab 星群的士

Private enterprises offering point-to-point transportation services for wheelchair users.



Mobility Equipment Loan Service by Hong Kong Red Cross 香港紅十字會輔助行動器材租借服務

Wheelchair Loan Service by Hong Kong PHAB Assocation 香港傷健協會輪椅借用服務

Hong Kong Wheelchair Aids Services 香港輪椅輔助隊

Loan Service by Rehabaid Society 復康資源協會

Free or charged equipment loan services, including wheelchair and crutches in the community.