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Supporting Student with SEN

Academic Supports

A student using a screen magnifier at the designated station with priority for users with special needs

Academic Accommodation

Accessible Teaching Venues

Most classrooms, lecture theatres and laboratories are accessible by students with special educational needs. Click to access the HKUST Path Advisor for more information about the locations of the teaching venue.


Teaching Materials in Appropriate Format

Alternate formats of course materials on Canvas are available to cater individual needs. Support to access appropriate format of textbooks, lecture notes and/or powerpoints is available for eligible students. There is also equipment in the Library, Computer Barn B and the LSK Building to enlarge documents or convert documents in hardcopy to accessible formats.


Allow for Use of Technological Aids in Classes

Eligible students can request for the use of technological aids in classes and/or exams, such as lecture recording, magnifier, FM device, etc.



Volunteer note-takers are available to assist eligible students upon request.

A group of students doing project in Library

Learning Aid and Equipment

SEN Stations

Located in Computer Barn B, LG1 of the Library (near Media Counter) and 1/F of the LSK Building, these computer workstations are equipped with assistive technology for students with SEN, including the following:

  • electrical height-adjustable table
  • desktop screen magnifier with English optical character recognition (OCR)
  • screen magnification software with speech and large print keyboard
  • Openbook OCR with Pearl Camera
  • headphone with microphone
  • dimmable lamp for the large print keyboard for iMac (loanable at G/F service counter of the Library)


Library Facilities

In order to provide equal access to services and collections to all users, the Library endeavors to assist users with special needs to locate information, retrieve materials, access services and use library facilities. Prior registration for these services is required.

Click for more details about the accessibility services provided by the Library.


Induction loop system is available for users. Please make your request at the G/F service counter.


Virtual Barn Station with Adjustable Table

Located outside LT-E and LT-J, equipped with a PC and a printer with a scanner for individual use. Click for more details about the Student Computing and Printing Facilities by Information Technology Services Center.


Learning Common Facilities

Learning Commons (LC) is an active place for learning. It provides an environment for intellectual exchanges, a center for accessing academic resources and services, a hub of technology that supports learning tasks.


Induction loop system is available for users. Please make your request at the reception counter. Click for more details about the facilities in the Learning Commons.


Equipment On-loan Service

Assistive technology and aids can facilitate students with SEN to learn and participate in university life fully. Click for the full list of equipment / software available for loan.

A student filling out the SEN declaration form

Examination Accommodations

  • Allow for use for assistive technologies
  • Arrange exam rooms with less distraction
  • Arrange special seating
  • Consider different formats for assessment
  • Extended time in testing
  • Provide enlarged word size on question papers
  • Wheelchair accessible testing site and furniture
Do you know

Most classrooms, lecture theatres and laboratories at HKUST are accessible by students with SEN.