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Inclusive Stretching




Being stuck at home for prolonged periods of time. Sitting in front of the screen for classes, meetings or work. Knowing it's a concern for having low levels of physical activities. Realizing your body and mind are reacting in a certain way with aches, tight muscles or deprived sleep.

What can we do? Stretching! 


Even with limited space and no special equipment, you can still enjoy the benefits of regular exercising by taking a short active break and stretching your body (along with your brain) at home.  From newbies to stretches to yoga masters, a regular stretching routine helps increase the range of motion, improve posture, and relax our mind.

We proudly present to you these four video clips of handy stretches in a series, to remind you of self-care -- and we are trying to include everyone by adding bilingual subtitles and Hong Kong Sign Language.  On top of the stretches demonstrated by the Hong Kong's first coach with visual impairment, Mr Chiu-kin Tsang, and his partner Ms Joan Cheng, each clip concludes with their personal sharing on inclusiveness.



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