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E-Learning Training Modules on SEN, Disability and Equality in Higher Education

SEN Support provides a wide range of support services and resources to ensure that all students have an equality of opportunity, benefit equally from university life and to cultivate a campus culture of inclusion.  With the support from UGC Special Grants to Enhance the Support for Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), we are launching a series of online training modules to equip us with the necessary knowledge and skills within the University.  This is a joint-university initiative with collaborative efforts from local universities.  There are three Training Modules:


  • Module One: Integrated Education and related Ordinances in Hong Kong
  • Module Two: Understanding SEN and Academic Adjustment
  • Module Three: Inclusive Campus & Universal Design


Module One consists of 7 themes which are ready for your viewing.  With expert guidance and sharing in this Module, you will learn about equal opportunities, the concept of reasonable accommodation, disability etiquette and inclusive language.  Upon completion of the whole Module, you will get a Certificate of Completion as a recognition.  Modules Two and Three will be shared once ready. 


Module One - GET STARTED!

This module will take approximately 45 minutes. You can take it all at once, or complete it in phases. These online resources enable you to access them anywhere, anytime, at your fingertips and according to your own pace. Happy learning!


Video Theme
1   Equal Opportunities 平等機會
2   What is Disability Discrimination? 甚麼是殘疾歧視?
3   Integrated Education and Trends in HK 香港的共融教育及趨勢
4   Reasonable Accommodation 合理調適
5   Individualized Support 個別支援
6   Shall I Disclose my Disability?  我應否透露自己的殘疾情況?
7   Disability Etiquette 與殘疾人士相處的禮儀


Actions to take

1.      Click the tag “Universities Login” to log in to HKMOOC.  Please use HKUST ITSC email account.

2.      Select and complete Module 1: Integrated Education and Related Ordinances in Hong Kong

3.      Take a quiz of 10 MC questions

4.      Get a Certificate of Completion the day after completing the quiz.


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