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Supporting Student with SEN

Statement on Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology takes a proactive role in ensuring and cultivating a positive learning environment for students, where equal opportunities in academic and non-academic pursuits for each student are guaranteed.


The SEN Support under Counseling and Wellness Center,, provides a wide range of support services and resources to ensure that all students have equality of opportunity, that they benefit equally from university life, and to cultivate a campus culture of inclusion.  The SEN Support has the following objectives:

  • Embracing diversity and inclusiveness
  • Cultivating a caring and mutually supportive atmosphere in the University
  • Raising awareness of diverse-ability and initiating a cultural change at HKUST
  • Promoting integration and equal opportunities at HKUST
  • Providing a one-stop service to students with special educational needs (SEN) and faculty/staff working with these students

If a student is diagnosed or suspects his/her difficulties are related to any type of SEN, he or she is strongly advised to self-identify and provide recent documentation of his or her SEN to SEN Support.  Reasonable accommodations or adjustments will be worked out amongst student, instructor(s) and SEN Support.  All information is handled in the strictest confidence.